Monday, February 22, 2010

A Rodent is Born

I guess I cannot pretend it's a secret anymore. I am working on Sysel. What is sysel? Well, sysel is the Czech name for the European ground squirrel, or, in layman's terms, the European gopher.

Sysel with capital S is a programming language, however. From the previous posts you should already have some idea how Sysel should look like. Right now (in the 'first phase') I am developing Sysel Bootstrap Interpreter (or SBI for short). This is an interpreter of Sysel written in C.

The main purpose of SBI is to bootstrap the prospective self-hosting Sysel compiler, as well as serving as a testbed and refining the language design. Nevertheless, SBI will run under both POSIX-based systems and, of course, HelenOS. SBI as well as other Sysel tools that I will produce will be available under the same BSD-like license that is used by HelenOS.

Only real geeks develop alternative operating systems. Therefore, hopefully, by creating an alternative programming language to develop an alternative operating system in, I will be able to achieve whole new levels of geekiness.

I have created a project on Launchpad where you can now track my progress. I will also publish a HelenOS+SBI branch when that's ready.

Stay tuned!

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