Monday, January 4, 2010

What this blog is about

Now wait a minute... this blog has existed for a few months already, but the first post is dated today?! That can mean only two things: either (a) I am the laziest person in the solar system or (b) I prefer coding to writing about coding.

This blog shall deal mostly with my contributions and ideas for HelenOS. If you don't know what HelenOS is by the time you've finished reading this sentence, then you obviously have not followed the hyperlink embedded within it. Redo from start. Now you know HelenOS is a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious operating system.

This information is mostly targeted at fellow HelenOS developers and enthusiasts so I will probably not bother to explain all background for the average passer-by most of the time.

I might also blog here about other geeky stuff not related or vaguely related to HelenOS. That is, if I manage to blog at all. Because of (a) or (b).

Hey Jakub, I blogged! Jakub's been persuading me to blog about HelenOS for some time. So there. I've blogged. Blogo ergo sum. Although I don't have a MySpace account. So I don't exist. And I don't have FaceBook account nor a Twitter account nor a Peprnet acount and omega other accounts. So the cardinality of my non-existence set is omega. Doh.

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